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A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men

Released 31 August 2012
Director Stephen Elliot

Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Olivia Newton John, Rebel Wilson, Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl, Laura Brent
Writer(s) Dean Craig

Share Stallings, Laurence Malkin, Gary Hamilton, Antonia Barnard
Origin Australia, United Kingdom
Running Time 97 minutes
Genre Comedy
Rating 15A

I don't.

A mash-up between Meet The Parents and The Hangover is never really too enticing, not because they aren't good movies but because of the fear of what any combo might result in, but that is exactly what was attempted in this Aussie lark. The two films noted above became successful because of the tight direction, clever scripts and perfect (and willing) casts – all of which A Few Best Men can neither boast nor claim to strive even close to achieving.

After Brit David meets Australian blonde beauty Mia while backpacking in Tuvalu, the pair fall madly in love and within ten days are intent on making it official by tying the knot. When David then flies over with his misfit trio of friends for the ceremony in Australia, he is surprised to learn that Mia is actually a wealthy heiress to one of the most notorious Senators Down Under and immediately feels the pressure to act normal and hide the personality misfortunes of his aloof-natured friends. With the old man, drug dealers, a sheep and his so-called mates all causing havoc, the special day quickly turns into a disaster.

I'd love to say that the escapades provide laughter, or even chuckling and such, of epic proportions but the giggles are reserved solely for the best man's speech which is more just awkward than funny. The acting is woeful from start to finish, with very little offering any sense of connection with the characters. Never mind connection, a small sense of likeability would be nice but there's barely any of that either. Actress Laura Brent for one, with her obvious aura of disdain as to why she is partaking in this misery of marriage at all, will drive you up the wall in her role as bride-to-be Mia.

The fact that she is only in a handful of scenes should be of little consolation when it dawns on you that her co-stars are every bit as bad. No, enough said, just please save your dough and avoid A Few Best Men.

- David Caulfield