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For a Good Time, Call

For a Good Time, Call...

Released 2 November 2012
Director Jamie Travis

Lauren Anne Miller, James Wolk, Ari Graynor, Seth Rogen, Justin Long, Lawrence Mandley,

Katie Anne Naylon, Lauren Anne Miller

Katie Anne Naylon, Lauren Anne Miller, Josh Kesselman, Jennifer Weinbaum, Jenny Hinkey
Origin United States
Running Time 85 minutes
Genre Comedy
Rating 16

...a taxi home.

Much like the Spice Girls' influence on girl power in music, after the acclaimed success of Bridesmaids last year there was inevitably going to be an influx of R-rated female comedies trying to develop the genre – or simply cash in. And all for the good I say, because if Sex and the City (the series, not the films) taught us one thing it is that raunchy girl-caper can be hilarious. There's just one problem – I thought Bridesmaids was brutal! And as if to follow on from that tedious experience of stupid, badly timed jokes, For a Good Time, Call... isn't any better.

Katie and Lauren are long-time enemies who have, through a mutual friend, found themselves in the position of having to live together to save money. Polar opposites, the reserved Lauren is disgusted to learn that her new roommate works as a phone-sex operator for extra cash but when Lauren loses her job she comes up with a lucrative business plan for them both to exploit. As they become friends, their unlikely venture begins to thrive until a betrayal threatens the relationship.

New concepts aren't just funny because they are new. They have to boast good scripts, be well acted, have chemistry, energy and purpose just like any other subject, genre or sole film that is successful. What we have here is a romantic comedy with a twist, done lazily. You know the type of movie I'm talking about – punchlines are delivered without any serious conviction while the chemistry is reserved for the frisky male on the other side of the telephone because there's very little provided on screen.

The fact that the likes of Seth Rogen and Justin Long, so often good at choosing the correct motion picture to star in, can't even lift the mood or expectation with their input is ominous at best. Of course there are funny moments but they are few and far between and, while the story may have suited an episodic sitcom, there is not nearly enough fluidity to cram it all into what, being the most worthy thing about the show, is a rather short and snappy film.

If you like Bridesmaids, and somehow a lot of you did, then you'll probably find this aptly passes the time. Otherwise, I've already warned you what to expect with For a Good Time, Call....

- David Caulfield