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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Released 3 February 2012
Director Dennis Dugan
Starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes
Writer(s) Steve Koren, Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo, Todd Garner
Origin United States
Running Time 91 minutes
Genre Comedy
Rating PG

Masquerades as entertainment.

Jack and Jill may've been damned from the start preceded, as it was, by skulking hoards of fatsuit wearing failed comedians, mad-eyed, desperate to raise a chuckle, shying from any light that might expose them before they sneak into secluded cinema screens well past their US release dates.

This is a film, it has been conceived, produced, directed, acted in and distributed but this is also in many important ways not a film. Not a good one at least. And yet it's something we're all guilty of watching from time to time, the unquantifiable fluff one absorbs from the television screen sated on our evening's offal unable or just too numbed to lift the television remote.

Adam Sandler plays an advertising executive who dreads one time of year, Thanksgiving, when his sister visits. His sister (also played by Adam Sandler) is loud, stupid, clingy and has no self-awareness. What follows is a lot of physical comedy, characters who come off the wrong side of quirky, gritting of teeth (your own) and the surprising presence of Al Pacino.

Jack And Jill wanders a path towards the day when laughter will once and for all inevitably die sprawling, Adam Sandler arm in arm with Eddie Murphy, David Spade and maybe Andy Dick at the bottom of the barrel. This is certainly low grade, low expectation comedy.

- Cormac O’Brien