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Neil Young Journeys

Neil Young Journeys

Released 28 December 2012
Director Jonathan Demme
Starring Neil Young

Jonathan Demme, Elliot Rabinowitz
Origin United States
Running Time 87 minutes
Genre Documentary, music
Rating TBC

There and back again.

Not being a particularly big Neil Young admirer wouldn't really help here. Without doubt, this documentary is for die hard fans of the famous artist and die hard fans alone. Why this is being released in the cinema is perplexing to me because you would be safer just staying at home and flicking through some of his clips on YouTube. What a money racket. What a vanity project!

We are taken on a journey in Neil's car as his brother leads him to an old regular haunt of his. On the way, Young speaks of his childhood memories fishing and brutally killing turtles with fire crackers (yes, really!). Interlaced with this are full videos of him performing songs, mainly from his most recent album, at various venues along his latest tour.

There's nothing really much else to say other than it's just as boring as it sounds. The majority of the picture is taken up by the full-length performances of his songs – predominately acoustic and without the support of any band – and I'd be lying if I said that my eyelids didn't wander south on a number of occasions. His music is fine at best, but you have to be in a particular mood for that kind of thing.

His ramblings about his past are, for all intents and purposes, pointless. Why we should care so much about him that we need to know intricate details of his misspent youth is anyone's guess. Die hard fans will probably salivate and read deeply into his past as a source of inspiration for his writings. Whatever, there's nothing of any substance here. Young comes across as a complete egotistical ass – content at playing the big man with fairytale views on himself.

As I said, Neil Young Journeys is for hardcore fans alone.

- David Caulfield