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Project X

Project X

Released 2 March 2012
Director Nima Nourizadeh

Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Dax Flame, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Brady Hender, Nick Nervies, Alexis Knapp, Miles Teller
Writer(s) Matt Drake, Michael Bacall
Producer(s) Todd Phillips
Origin United States
Running Time 88 minutes
Genre Comedy
Rating 18

Project Zzzzzzzz.

Everything about Project X is hateful. Its premise is tired. Its “heroes” are some of the most obnoxious, witless boors ever committed to celluloid. It has no plot, no artistry, no laughs and its contempt for women is truly astounding. What can we expect from a film that boasts to be “from producer Todd Phillips” but another trip into the heart of darkness? Yes, not since The Hangover Part 2 have I been filled with such utter despair for the future of comedy cinema, or indeed the human race...

Plot? Well, there really isn’t one to speak of. Three friends decide to throw a party to make themselves noticed at high school. That’s it. And quite frankly, I can understand why they’re so unpopular. Thomas (Thomas Mann) is an easily led, spineless sort with bad taste in friends. JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) is such a non entity that even the film begins to forget that he’s there. Costa (Oliver Cooper) meanwhile, is truly objectionable; a swaggering, chauvinist monstrosity with no redeeming qualities. It’s hard to imagine even his mother finding him tolerable company. The three of them make the cast of The Hangover look like a bunch of Oscar Wildes in comparison. The party meanwhile, shot as a home video, plays out without a clear line of thought to hold it together and is a confusing mess of naked flesh, dancing and drinking. The effect is punishing; like being surrounded on all sides by teenagers playing their tinny mobile phone music on the top deck of the bus.

This review probably makes me sound like a miserable old lady (which is admittedly true) but it’s not the genre as a whole I have a problem with. Films about teenage excess can rise above this level (as The Inbetweeners has amply demonstrated both on television and in the cinema) but somebody involved needs to have a brain, preferably one located above their groin. A party is not, in and of itself interesting enough to carry a film. There has to be something else going on - a reason to care or at least some good gags. This is not the case with Project X. RSVP no to this party.

- Linda O’Brien