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Released 4 May 2012
Director Baoz Yakin

Jason Statham, Chris Sarandon, Anson Mount, James Hong, Robert John Burke, Reggie Lee, Oksana Lada, Danny Hoch, Catherine Chan, Joseph Sikora
Writer(s) Baoz Yakin
Producer(s) Lawrence Bender, Dana Brunetti
Origin United States
Running Time 94 minutes
Genre Action, crime, thriller
Rating 16

Safe pair of hands.

Lads want to be him, or at least be his mate. Girls want to be with him, or at least be saved by him. Jason Statham is the honorary 007 of action movies and, although he'll probably never get the role of James Bond, he can certainly save the day like him. With Statham films you know what you're going to get – a problem, a solution to the problem and a whole lot of exciting fight scenes, thrills and spills in between. And what's wrong with that?

On this occasion, Statham plays Luke Wright, a journeyman cage-fighter who gets in the way of a pre-arranged rigged bout organised by the Russian Mafia. As punishment, Wright's family is murdered, throwing his life into a spiral of regret, guilt and fear. That is until he stumbles upon a helpless twelve year-old Chinese girl being chased by the same gang and, perhaps seeking redemption, quickly comes to her rescue.

What Wright didn't realise is that Mei, boasting an ability to memorise mathematical codes, is the key to a number that the Russians, Triads and a corrupt network of NYPD are all desperately trying to get their hands on, at any cost necessary.

While the story in itself is pretty far-fetched, it doesn't take much effort to just accept that from the outset and enjoy the show for what it's worth. The fight sequences, as always with Statham, are bruisingly good which ensures the entertainment levels are at full blast while, at just over ninety minutes, the length is fairly spot on.

Of course, it's not perfect. Overall the acting isn't amazing – borderline annoying at times – but, again, that's the type of thing you grow to expect with these type of flicks. Surprisingly, for someone who is usually quite solid, in a bad way, when it comes to on-screen chemistry, Statham's relationship with the girl he fights at all costs to protect is actually pretty genuine.

You'll probably forget this movie almost as quickly as the time it took to watch it but, while it's on, Safe is a secure bet for some popcorn fun.

- David Caulfield