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The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy

Released 20 November 2015
Director David M. Rosenthal

Michael Ealy, Kathryn Morris, Sanaa Latham, Morris Chestnuts, L. Scott Caldwell, Charles S. Dutton, John Getz, Tess Harper
Writer(s) Tyger Williams
Producer(s) Tommy Oliver, Darryl Taja
Origin United States
Running Time 100 minutes

Crime, drama, suspense, thriller
Rating 15A

Crazy in love.

Leah (Sanaa Lathan) is a woman who seems to have it all – a great job, shiny car, designer footwear and a handsome boyfriend who is really good with children. She also has a lavish, glass cube of a house, which of course is a prime indicator that at some point during The Perfect Guy she will definitely be fighting for her life. Honestly, haven't movie characters figured out that minimalist 20th century architecture is extremely bad for your health? But then that isn't the only danger signpost that Leah manages to ignore in the course of the film.

The Perfect Guy begins as Leah's relationship with the aforementioned hunk David (Morris Chestnut) reaches crisis point; sure, he may be good with other people's children but for the moment he is reluctant to make any of his own. The couple split and soon afterwards, Leah meets hunk number two, an unsettlingly handsome tech security specialist named Carter (Michael Ealy). The fact that he lives in a warehouse, drives a pitch black Dodge Charger and seems to have no friends or family doesn't exactly scream “kindly IT Guy” but Leah is nonetheless swept off her feet until a violent outburst makes her think twice.

What follows is a paint by numbers thriller as Carter refuses to let Leah go and uses his fiendish IT skills to make her life a misery. The cast are all fine and despite her character’s questionable decision making skills, Sanaa Lathan is actually a very watchable leading lady. Try as they might though, the downfalls of the script cannot be overcome by force of personality. Screenwriter Tyger Williams has produced a work that is heavy on cliche and exposition but woefully low on tension. If only the production had had the courage to push the sex and violence into true B movie territory, this would have been forgivable but as it is, The Perfect Guy is a bland, uninspired experience.

- Linda O'Brien