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Your Sister's Sister

Your Sister's Sister

Released 29 June 2012
Director Lynn Shelton

Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass, Mike Birbiglia
Writer(s) Lynn Shelton
Producer(s) Steven Schardt
Origin United States
Running Time 90 minutes
Genre Comedy, drama
Rating TBC

Articulate but unpretentious.

There's something ridiculously stock image-y about the poster for Your Sister's Sister. It looks a bit like it might have fallen out of a Sunday Supplement or like it's advertising hotel breaks for young professionals or something to do with chewing gum or about a new method of filtering tap water or something else really, really mundane. Three people sit at a wooden table with a lake in the background, an amiable bunch, they're exchanging bemused glances as if they've just shared an oh-so-funny joke together. It's a very uncandid, staged, forced shot and knowing that it's a movie poster you might be lead to believe that it's some kind of Jennifer Aniston type deal where all the comedy is based upon the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus gender divide and everything is awfully, awfully terrible and by the end of the movie you weep internally a little for humankind. But, if that's what you suspected and, indeed, that's what you were looking for, this poster would be a trap.

A kind of wonderful trap because Your Sister's Sister is instead a refreshingly unpretentious, extremely articulate (and funny!) drama. Apart from the misleading poster, this isn't any surprise of course, being the new film from Lynn Shelton, director of 2009's Humpday (that was good) and 2008's My Effortless Brilliance (that was good too, wasn't it?). It also stars Rosemarie Dewitt (isn't she a great actress?), all around good guy and previous Lynn Shelton collaborator Mark Duplass (that guy from Humpday) and the pretty damn cool Emily Blunt (she's like a really big movie star now). Sounds like a recipe for success and true to Lynn Shelton's previous form Your Sister's Sister is very, very successfully, formidably good as well as being nice enough to be completely unshowy about it. In fact, it gets all those things right about comedy (and drama) that so many other movies make seem difficult verging on the impossible.

Jack (Duplass) is having trouble dealing with this brother's death a year ago. His brother's ex-girlfriend Iris (Blunt) gives him some sound advice and sends him to her father's remote lakeside cabin to collect his thoughts. She doesn't know her sister Hannah (DeWitt) is having some getaway time there too after a recent break up. There's a drunk encounter or two, sharp, funny dialogue, intelligent, interesting characters and what seems to be missing in a lot of films...... substance.

- Cormac O’Brien