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A.A. Bondy Believers
Released 25 November 2011
Producer(s) A.A. Bondy, Rob Schnapf
Label Fat Possum/Turnstile
Length 40:51
Genre Alternative
Website aabondy.co

I started listening to this album in the car but this didn’t really do it justice. It wasn’t until I played it on the home stereo that I really appreciated the different sounds. Just turn it up a little, sit back and wallow in the beauty.

It sounds like Alabama’s AA Bondy (full name Auguste Arthur Bondy) really has his routine firmly nailed down here. Everything sounds so easy to him.

He is the former lead singer with ‘90s rock band Verbana. Believers is his third album as a solo artist so he knows his stuff.

Kicking things off on this slow burning but rather excellent album is 'The Heart is Willing' and the light brushed drumming of 'Down in the Fire (Lost Sea)'. This drumming continues on 'Skull & Bones' which has that slow, eerie feel which reminds me of Radiohead’s 'The Tourist', the final track on their masterpiece OK Computer.

Some parts of the album even remind me of a film score like on the instrumental '123 Dupuy Street' which is almost like an intro to the following track 'Surfer King'.

Although these quieter soundscapes are magnificent nothing really prepares you for the incredible track 'The Twist'. It’s a stunning song. The beautiful vocals wrap around an in-your-face heavy bassline.

This album is a great achievement with some really excellent atmospherics and with 'The Twist' he’s produced a stunning track. Long may it continue Mr Bondy.

- Leon Byrne