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Cherish The Light Years
Cold Cave Cherish The Light Years
Released 1 April 2011
Producer Chris Coady
Label Matador
Length 40:39
Genre Indie, electronic
Website www.coldcave.net

Cold Cave is the solo project by New York’s Wesley Eisold. Cherish The Light Years is the second release after 2009’s debut Love Comes Close. This album opens with the immediate burst of heavy synthesizers and distorted wall of noise of lead single 'The Great Pan Is Dead'. This really sets the tone for the album. It is possibly one of the darkest released in recent years. The ‘80s keyboard sound is prominent in all songs, very reminiscent of New Order, early Depeche Mode and The Cure with simple guitar riffs in the Interpol/Joy Division ilk.

These influences are continued with the drum intro on 'Catacombs' identical to The Cure’s 'Close To Me'. One of the better tracks here is 'Underworld USA'. It has the same heavy laden synth intro as Nine Inch Nails’ brilliant 'Happiness in Slavery' from their Broken EP. The creepy female whisper of “underworld” throughout the intro is haunting. 'Burning Sage' has that eerie bleakness that could fit comfortably into any Nine Inch Nails album. Wesley’s almost echoed vocals of, "I’ve been staring at the sun, black sun – I’ve been breathing with my lung, black lung", over flicks of keyboard and a haunting synth beat.

The best song is definitely left to last with the more upbeat 'Villians of the Moon'. This has an excellent riff and a great mix of male/female vocals on the chorus despite its gloomy lyric, "Angel, we may have celebrated too soon, the villains of the moon are doomed".

All in all the album is just too dark. The loud synthesizers are quite overwhelming. As Ronnie Wood once said, "the creative atmosphere was somewhat stifled by undesirables".

- Leon Byrne