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Cinematic Love
Permanent Déjà Vu Cinematic Love

Released 21 December 2010
Producer Stephen Brett
Label unsigned
Length 42:00
Genre Experimental, folk rock
Website myspace.com/permanentdejavu

Cinematic Love –the debut album from Co. Louth based band Permanent Déjà Vu– is an amazingly experimental and inventive debut. It swoops from catchy folk rhythms to hauntingly beautiful love songs, and encompasses a huge variety of sounds in between.

At the core of Permanent Déjà Vu’s unique sound is the interplay between vocalists Gavin and Grace Wynne, and the contrast between light and darkness that this creates is what really sets Permanent Déjà Vu apart. Tracks like 'Dream Within A Dream' and 'How Are You Feeling (This Valentine’s Day)?' are beautiful folk infused love songs, but also have a darker undertone running throughout. The effect is a little spooky, but leads to some fantastic music.

This is clearly not a band that is afraid to experiment with different sounds. Although there are moments on Cinematic Love where the experimentation with different sounds goes a little too far and becomes just a bit too weird, but this is only a small flaw in an otherwise brilliant album.

More than anything else Cinematic Love showcases a band which injects a huge amount of sheer energy into their performances. The whole album has a live feel to it, as if these songs are being performed for the first time. If anything this feeling increases on repeat listens. Cinematic Love has so much variety that it only gets better with time. In fact this is practically essential. There is so much here that it needs to be heard several times, and even after that it still continues to surprise.

- Bernard O’Rourke