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Come of Age
The Vaccines Come of Age
Released 31 August 2012
Producer Ethan Johns
Label Sony Music
Length 39:15
Genre Indie rock
Website www.thevaccines.co.uk

"I could bore with the truth, about an uneventful youth", is the first line of The Vaccines new album Come of Age, the follow up to their mega successful debut What Did You Expect From The Vaccines.

This line, from opener 'No Hope', is typical of the indie pop-rockers and their youthful approach to songwriting.

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Vaccines from around the time of the release of their debut when they played Later with Jools Holland. I thought they were incredible, using an old cliché – they were a breath of fresh air.

Live seems to be where they’re most comfortable. I saw them back in early 2011 in The Academy, Dublin and they played the shortest live set from a headline act that I’ve ever seen. They played for thirty-five minutes and in that time managed to squeeze in pretty much every song from their debut and some covers. Blew the crowd’s socks off too.

Come of Age is the same as their debut but maybe slightly (and only slightly) more mature. Some of the songs are slower, such as 'Aftershave Ocean' and my favourite 'I Wish I was a Girl' on which singer Justin Young slows down his vocal somewhat to smashing effect. There are no 'Wreckin’ Balls' or 'If You Wanna's here.

Fear not through. For fans of the faster, heavier, in-your-face rockers, there is 'Bad Mood', 'Change of Heart Pt 2' and the Clash-like 'Ghost Town'.

All in all a little more of the same from The Vaccines, enough to keep the fans happy but hopefully they’ll develop a little more and take more chances on their next album.

- Leon Byrne