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Divine Providence
Deer Tick Divine Providence
Released 30 March 2012
Producer(s) Adam Landry, Justin Collins
Label Loose Music
Length 77:59
Genre Rock
Website www.deertickmusic.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of Rhode Island  five piece Deer Tick. Divine Providence is the band’s fourth album and it’s a dirty, raw, rocker of an album. I have to admit that it took a few listens for me to fully appreciate it. At first I just thought that the band were simply being lazy but I think now that they are just having an absolute ball with this. They don’t take themselves too seriously at all, they just rock out.

Opener 'The Bump' is a prime example of that raw sound. "We’re full grown men but we act like kids", shouts lead singer and guitarist John McCauley. This line perfectly explains the foundations of the album.

The messing around really comes through especially with the deep drawl of, "You fuckin’ douche bag" opening the second track 'Funny Word'. As you can see this is definitely not an album for the ladies. Some more profanities are spat around – 'Let’s All Go To The Bar' is a good aul’ Ramones style drinking song which even features some hiccups and burps at the end of the track. Charming.

'Chevy Express' sounds like it could of fit perfectly onto Spoon’s rather underrated 2005 album Gimme Fiction. Britt Daniel and Co would have been proud of that one. The haunting e-bow guitar sound throughout the track made it a standout for me.

My other favourite tracks on display here are 'Clownin Around' which is a slowed up acoustic jangle where drummer Dennis Ryan takes control of the vocals. Another slightly more off kilter song is 'Now It’s Your Turn'. The band soften up slightly here with a more melodic approach. This song is definitely worth checking out online.

So if it’s good old fashioned guitar based rock 'n' roll like old school Rolling Stones and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club you’re after then look no further than Deer Tick’s Divine Providence.

By the way if you skip on about 28/29 minutes after the final track 'Miss K' you will find the bonus track 'Mr. Cigarette'.

- Leon Byrne