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Go Now And Live
We Are The Ocean Go Now And Live
Released 22 April 2011
Producer Pete Miles
Label Hassle Records
Length 33:19
Genre Post hardcore
Website www.wearetheocean.co.uk

Go Now and Live is the second album from Essex hard-rock band We Are the Ocean. While the band bears many similarities to bands like Queens of the Stone Age or the Foo Fighters, what really sets We Are the Ocean apart is the interplay of two vocalists– Liam Cromby’s voice is clean and lyrical, while Dan Brown has more of a harsh, metal scream. The two sounds combine brilliantly to complement each other and set this album apart from a lot of other music out there.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the two singles form the album, 'What It Feels Like' and 'The Waiting Room'. Both tracks move brilliantly form light to heavy and back again– tender slow moments with a sad, slow tone quickly descend into a fast, almost grunge sound.

The whole album is really a diverse mix of light and dark moments. Heavy tracks like 'Overtime is a Crime' and 'Godspeed' are unashamedly loud and heavy, full of growling vocals, but these are broken up by lighter moments like 'Runaway' and 'Now and Then', which express a deeper more subtle range of emotions.

The result is a great mix of sounds. 'Overtime is a Crime' is a raw, fast anthem of youthful revolt which is a little reminiscent of Jane’s Addiction, and with its chugging riffs and pounding drums is simply a great rock song. Elsewhere 'Now and Then' is melodic and a little bit dreamy. Like its complementary vocalists, the whole album is a strong mix of light and dark moments, and We Are The Ocean perform both aspects extremely well.

If We Are the Ocean had released this album a few years ago, it would probably have been hailed as the raw, heavy hard-rock album that the Foo Fighters were capable of if they just returned to their roots. With its harmonic interchanges of heavy, trashy verses and soft, rhythmic choruses, Go Now and Live has lots of aspects typical of the Foos. Unfortunately the Foo Fighters have just released Wasting Light –the epitome of the heavy album they have been capable of– which kind of eclipses any real impact of Go Now and Live. It’s still a good album, but falls a bit short of what it could have been.

- Bernard O’Rourke