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Hello Sadness
Los Campesinos! Hello Sadness
Released 11 November 2011
Producer John Goodmanson
Label Wichita
Length 40:06
Genre Indie pop, indie rock
Website www.loscampesinos.com

The arrival of their fourth studio album sees our favourite twee core taffies greet a feeling not always associated with their upbeat brand of indie pop. However, Los Campesinos! are proof that sadness can be a complex emotion, mustering a bit more moxy than its often maudlin connotations.

Title track and its successor, 'Life is a Long Time' are livid, spewing spit steeped in bitterness, and thunder along with the orchestral anger of Arcade Fire. Even beneath the happy clappy choruses of 'Songs About Your Girlfriend' lies an undercurrent of anguish.

Bitterness’s brother angst rears his head in 'Blackbird', and perhaps it’s rather appropriate that very ‘90s emotion has a Pumpkins/Sonic Youth feel to it. 'To Tundra' develops on that sound, with sweeping shoegazey soundscapes. It oozes atmosphere and is easily the stand out track of the album.

'Hate for the Island' strays into the often cheerless acousticy singer songwriter territory, and as the name suggests, it is in fact loathing and self doubt that lurks within its venomous lyrics. “Those entrails are how I'll feel when you decide to leave me".

Likewise, 'Baby I Got the Death Rattle', tinkles softly with sarcasm and despair.

Although Hello.. paints several shades of sadness, depressing it is not. Groundbreaking it is not either, but listenable it is. It is unlikely LC will gain any fresh followers with this release, but it should certainly be enough to stave off the pangs for neurotic nostalgia that only Los Campesinos! are certified to deliver. This dose however is a little low on prozac.

- Deirdre Flannery