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Odonis Odonis Hollandaze
Released 4 November 2011
Producer Dean Tzenos
Label FatCat Records
Length 37:04
Genre Indie rock
Website odonisodonis.com

The music scene in Canada is pretty healthy these days with the likes of Grimes, Feist and Fucked Up all releasing excellent albums recently. Let’s not forget about Arcade Fire of course.

Odonis Odonis are on the way to being another. Based in Toronto, the band take their name from a friend of theirs called Adonis Adonis. They have recently released their heavily distorted – fuzzed up guitar laden debut album Hollandaze.

This relatively short album roars into the first two tracks with all guns blazing. 'Busted up' is an ear-full blast of distortion with the repeated shouts of, "I shouldn’t of kissed you last night" and "I got a busted lip and I got to stand up on my own". The madness calms down a little towards the middle of the album with 'Blood Feast' and 'Seedgazer' with its whiney guitar and dark lazy bass line. 'New World' sounds like a remixed, reworking of Radiohead’s bass heavy stomper 'The National Anthem'. The madness returns later with the cracking 'Ledged Up'.

There are obvious similarities with The Jesus and Mary Chain. Other influences here are Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and Echo & the Bunnymen. Even the cock-sure vocals of 'Basic Training' sounds like Kasabian’s Tom Meighan.

According to rumours gathering online Odonis Odonis will soon be releasing a follow-up. Their dirty punk style will only get better with age. A fine debut.

- Leon Byrne