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In This Light And On This Evening
Editors In This Light and On This Evening
Released 12 October 2009
Producer Flood
Label Kitchenware Records
Length 43:57
Genre Post-punk revival
Website www.editorsofficial.com

In This Light and on This Evening, the Editors' third studio album sees the band depart from their alt rock sound and embrace the synthesizer, creating an album that is lacking the stadium appeal of their previous two efforts. This is an unsurprising turn for the Editors. Joy Division influences are abundant in all their work, so it was only a matter of time before a New Order sound invaded their records. Influences aside Editors have produced their best album to date.

In This Light and on This Evening may not boast hit singles like 'Munich' or 'An End has a Start' that helped gain the band global success, but what this album has that was lacking on other albums is balance. Each track is individually brilliant, but never loses sync with the album as a whole.

One thing that has not changed are Tom Smith's lyrics. The lead singer continues his ongoing observations on life and love, writing some of his most creative and ambiguous lyrics to date. His vocal performances are consistent with what he’s done before, one album highlight being the track 'Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool'. But for In This Light and on This Evening everything is secondary to the music. Their new direction is a positive one, showcasing their diversity and talent as musicians and removing an inevitable staleness that may have accompanied an album that was similar sounding to their previous work.

- David Prendergast