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It's All True
Junior Boys It's All True
Released 1 July 2011
Producer Junior Boys
Label Domino
Length 51:25
Genre Electronica
Website juniorboys.net

It’s All True is the fourth studio album from Ontarian Electronic duo Junior Boys that finds Messrs Greenspan and Didemus with some making up to do following on from 2009’s lacklustre Begone Dull Care, an album which felt limp and uninterested compared to their first two releases. Electro is a genre where being uninteresting is unforgivable and while Junior Boys’ signature sound has always been quite laid back, two below par releases in a row and they risk becoming old news. The ball is firmly in their court.

As an act of repentance, Junior Boys have crafted a sure fire candidate for the most chilled out album of the year. Jeremy Greenspan delivers his trademark soft vocals over Matt Didemus’ beats which have been gently sanded down to avoid any irritation to the ears. Take 'Playtime' for instance; a case study in restraint that slowly builds up over a languid beat before blossoming into a gorgeous chord progression for the chorus. Just when you think the track has run its course the plucking of an oriental harp ushers in a welcome second wind for the song.

Even the more upbeat tracks on the album manage to keep the synths and drums at an easy-on-the-ear level. The absence of an overpowering kick drum on tracks like 'Itchy Finger' and 'The Reservoir' lets the intricate percussion of the individual instruments shine through. The less-is-more attitude of It’s All True works wonders here and while it lacks the frenzied euphoria you’d expect to be emanating from nightclub speakers, the laid back vibe makes it the ideal come down album for later in the night.

It’s All True manages to strike a balance between reined in energy and good song writing but their insistence in remaining mellowed out does make the album a tad one dimensional at times. This is nowhere near as prohibitive an issue as the problems its predecessor had but it does prevent the album from being an out and out masterpiece. As it is, the album is a strong release that makes amends for Begone Dull Care‘s shortcomings and sees Junior Boys stepping in to fill the void left by the similarly down tempo Lemon Jelly.

- Brian Kinsella