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I Will Be
Dum Dum Girls I Will Be
Released 30 March 2010
Producer Dee Dee, Richard Gottehrer
Label Sub Pop
Length 28:43
Genre Indie, pop, punk
Website wearedumdumgirls.com

Every indie album worth its salt should have at least one song in German, any band discovered not to be complying with this should be taken out and given a sound whipping, das being verboten. I am happy to report that the Dum Dum Girls are way on top of this, and indeed leading the way on ‘Oh Mein Me’,  sounding like an urgent call to do...something, something very cool, maybe involving leather. And so the songs proceed, in this urgent head-long fashion: a veritable blitzkrieg of delightfully vacuous indie-pop, shot through with a three chord guitar, proto-punk ethos and sharing with that movement a reverence for surf pop, fifties kitsch, and the Shangri-Las.

The overall effect of the album is like a sugar rush, infatuating to begin with but ultimately wearing thin all too quickly, ‘Oh Mein Me’ is the only track that truly stands the test of moreishness, after a few listens the rest of the songs come to sound like anaemic exercises in style over substance. Not to come down overly harsh as even these filler tracks, of which the album is mostly composed, make for a more than passable listening experience after the initial novelty wears off,  and the standard issue catchy chorus makes every song at least momentarily memorable.

‘Baby Don’t Go’ ends the album with a fittingly somnolent and sparse arrangement, nice enough too but the lack of ornament and over-drive reveals a lyrical weakness reminiscent of bands like BRMC and the godfathers of woeful song-writing, Oasis. But they’re not trying to win a Pulitzer for their lyrics here; this is infectious, old school devil's music with the mic set to maximum fuzz and guitars whaling like sirens. Pretty savvy for Dum Dum girls.

- David Uwakwe