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La Liberación
CSS La Liberación
Released 19 August 2011
Producer Adriano Cintra
Label V2
Length 41:09
Genre Indie rock, synthpop
Website csshurtssuxxx.blogspot.com

Brazilian indie-dance act Cansei de Ser Sexy, better known as simply CSS, release their third international album La Liberación this month.

Their self-titled record released in 2006 garnered much international support based largely upon their debut single 'Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above' which received wide exposure. Their kitsch sensibilities, sparkling stage performances and catchy pop tunes cemented their place as being both a unique and loveable set of curiosities.

La Liberación sees the group less reliant on guitars and move more towards the synth, giving this album a very up-tempo dance feel to much of it. And this they do with great success as La Liberación is really a triumph of enjoyable silliness.

First single 'Hits Me Like a Rock' (featuring a guest vocal appearance by Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie) is a complete joy and its intoxicating vocal hooks will have you singing along in no time if you’re not careful!

But the record is full of little gems that will make you smile and wish you were out on the dance floor somewhere rather than listening to the songs on a train hovering precariously close to a stranger’s armpit.

The dancier tracks such as 'City Girl' opening track 'I Love You' and the aforementioned single all possess an infectious good humour, often in a sort of gay-anthem way, and are virtually impossible to resist.

If you’re looking for a deep insight into the human condition, CSS is not the band for you. The band’s name itself is based on a quote from Beyonce where she claimed she was, “Tired of being sexy.”, and CSS have previously released tracks such as 'Meeting Paris Hilton' and 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex'.

But if fun, sexualised observations of the world, set to a cool melody interest you I’d strongly suggest you buy this album.

When the band lean away slightly from the mirror ball music towards their more punkish roots such as in the title track as well as the closing song (the not so veiled) 'Fuck Everything' the results are still enjoyable and as brilliantly humorous as before. Truth be told there are no moments of real lag on this album, and I found myself quite happily going back to the start and re-listening to the entire thing again as soon as it ended without hesitation.

The summer may be over, but if you want to keep reality from your door for a little while yet you could do worse than pulling the curtains, inviting your mates around and partying into September inhibition free to the sounds of CSS!

- D. Egan