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Lights Out
Big Deal Lights Out
Released 26 August 2011
Producer(s) Kacey Underwood, Dean Reid
Label Mute
Length 41:13
Genre Alternative, indie
Website www.wearebigdeal.com

Lights Out is the debut album from London boy/girl group Big Deal. Normally when you hear of a boy/girl band you think of the fairly awful The Ting Tings. In this case you are looking at the much more talented outfit of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costello. Both play the guitar with Alice on main vocals and Kacey lending a hand on backing vocals, even occasionally singing the intro (see 'Swoon' and 'Summer Cold'). They make quite a big, distinct sound for such a small set-up.

Kicking things off is the catchy single 'Distant Neighborhood' which bounces along like a summery breeze. The intro to 'Chair' sounds like it’s been taken from the Juno soundtrack before the clear electric guitar kicks in. Throughout, the guitar parts sound like intros to Smashing Pumpkins’ stunning Siamese Dream album, most notably on 'Cool Like Kurt' which sounds like a first cousin of 'Disarm'. They really up the ante on the second half of the album with the lazy, bass heavy, 'Locked Up'. My personal favourite is the majestic 'Seraphine', with Kacey Underwood singing the intro and Alice Costello taking the reins revealing that, "I could last forever in your arms". It’s hard to think of a better album closer than the magnificent 'Pi' which sounds like the intro to another early Pumpkins track 'Rhinoceros' without the drum and bass.

I can’t help feel that adding the drum and bass to their sound, their second album would be something to really look forward to. Their overall bright, bouncy, grungy tunes bring a smile to your face, sometimes that’s just all one needs.

- Leon Byrne