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Little Sparks
Delorentos Little Sparks
Released 27 January 2012
Producer Rob Kirwan
Label Delo Records
Genre Indie
Website www.delorentos.net

Dublin four-piece Delorentos are back with their third long play album entitled Little Sparks.

This follows hot on the heels of the recent teaser Little Sparks EP. Although the EP was largely disappointing here we find much more worthy endeavour from the lads as they deliver some memorable indie sing-alongs that are sure to win them some new fans.

The album starts with the only true nugget of worth from the aforementioned EP; the very enjoyable 'Did We Ever Really Try?'. Equipped with a great vocal performance the track bursts through your speakers and delivers a statement of intent for what's to come. Its quick pace and instantly hummable chorus really sums up the best qualities that the band have to offer.

The opening half of the album continues to deliver in this fashion, and in some small way, almost spoils the listener with five very memorable tunes back-to-back. 'Bullet in a Gun' with its hypnotic chorus draws you in and gets you hooked. 'Care For' and 'Petardu' keep things ticking over very nicely indeed until you get slammed into track five and 'Right to Know'.

Even though we are in the heart of the deep, dark Irish winter; one listen to this track and I can already see and hear summer tents full of boozy revellers belting this tune right back into the band's face! Its pre-chorus and chorus are instantly infectious and I defy anyone to listen to it a couple of times and not chime along with the, "You've got a right to know" and/or "'Till we get high from this love" lines. If you can then you are a better man than I...and are quite conceivably dead inside.

So we're all going great guns here at this point and I am loving what I'm hearing, unfortunately though there is a "but" coming...

BUT...after the excellent start and the undoubtable high of 'Right to Know' things begin to tail off on Little Sparks.

Ironically, for me, this happens with the title track itself. The incessant barrage of awesome boppiness is jolted to a halt and the second half of the album takes a noticeably slower and more reflective pace. And although the ensuing tracks are far from stinkers, the whole package sort of peters out and before the end you're kind of wishing that you could click back and hear those first five songs again.

'The Stream' delivers a welcome return to form as it chugs pleasantly along renewing hope, but once again the final two tracks ebb to an unmemorable finish.

All in all the album is a very solid effort, with tracks that you will definitely be wanting to hear, and to sing aloud, time and time again. It's just a shame that the consistency of the opening half of the record isn't replicated in the latter half.

See yous in the summer with a frosty one lads.

- D. Egan