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Mixed Race
Tricky Mixed Race
Released 24 September 2010
Producer Tricky
Label Domino
Length 29:27
Genre Trip-hop, electronica
Website www.trickysite.com

I usually like to have a quick scan through the sleeve of an album before giving it a listen through, like the discreet tearing of a present wrapper on Christmas Eve. Gently, I peal back the packaging to reveal what’s in store for tomorrow morning... Wait! One of the songs features Guy Manuel and Bangalter! I continue to unravel the paper to examine the song title... it reads: 'Kingston Logic'. Oh no. Santa has come down the wrong chimney.

'Technologic' is a clear example of self-plagiarism in itself; for an act to go and sample Daft Punk's generic crowd pleaser and give it the title 'Kingston Logic' just roars ‘laziness’ at the top of its voice. It will be a tough task to shift the sour puss that this languid composition has left across my face.

The rest primarily consists of gritty trip-hop suitable for the soundtrack of Blade 4 (the one that even Wesley Snipes didn’t sign up for). The whispery, spoken word rants of Tricky were mildly entertaining in the last decade, but it really is time to hang up the vocal chords. 'Murder Weapon' loops a Blues Brothers style riff for three minutes straight, behaving exactly as its track name suggests. If you must, 'Time to Dance' is the only song that is mildly palatable, but as a whole, this one is going straight towards Oxfam’s Christmas appeal.

- Brian Cleere