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Moment Bends
Architecture In Helsinki Moment Bends

Released 8 April 2011

Architecture In Helsinki,
Franc Tetaz
Label V2 Records
Length 40:21
Genre Pop, electronic
Website www.architectureinhelsinki.com

‘Set arpeggiators to turgid irony!’

The above statement seems to have been Architecture In Helsinki's mantra for their fourth studio album Moment Bends. It seems cruel to start off on such a negative note but such is the tame, lacklustre and contrived product of two years work that anything else would seem dishonest on my part.

Despite these immediate impressions there are one or two enjoyable moments to bend your ear on this record. Most notably the single 'Contact High' that couldn't have a catchier chorus if it tried. As a pop single it has everything you'd expect and more thanks to some 'ironic' lyrics that seem to poke fun at the pop song in general. The vocals are heavily auto-tuned, bringing to mind one Mr. Bublé, and the music is bog standard synth pop. Highly enjoyable synth pop.

There are no other tracks that really hold the listener's attention. Every now and then you find a vampy bassline mildly satisfying or a deep disco beat to tap your finger to but all in all it is a drab and listless experience for the brain. As muddled and confused as their last three albums were, they at least had a nice dynamism to them and a wide array of sounds. Moment Bends has none of these qualities. Moments actually bend and become elongated while listening to this record, moments you will never get back.

The band has definitely honed their sound. Gone are the horns, guitars and glockenspiels (thank Lucifer!) of previous records. In their stead we have synths, heavily treated vocals, a succession of self amusing nods to a plethora of bands and an insipid sense of ironic parody. It's always been hard to take a band with the name Architecture In Helsinki seriously or even light heartedly but maybe that's the point. And the point is, there is no point. Don lens free glasses, snort sarcastically and exit stage left.

- Gary McDonough