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My Best Friend Is You
Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You
Released 19 April 2010
Producer Bernard Butler
Label Fiction
Length 49:20
Genre Indie pop
Website www.katenash.com

This is Kate Nash’s follow-up to her multi-platinum debut Made of Bricks.  Three years ago, following the success of Lily Allen, sassy English singers with bittersweet lyrics were all the rage.  Nash had a big hit with the excellent single ‘Foundations’, a song that wittily explored a crumbling relationship in a jaunty pop fashion.  But three years later, with more traditional pop back in vogue, will her quirky indie-pop still find an audience?

It should do, as there’s more than enough on this album to hold the interest and also suggest at better things to come.  The acerbic, uncompromising lyrics are still there and presented in classic pop form in the likes of ‘Paris’, ‘Later On’ and ‘Pickpocket’.  The first single, ‘Do-Wah-Doo’ is, as the title would suggest, a bit of a 60’s girl-group throwback and done very well, as one would expect with Bernard Butler producing.

There are also some departures from the norm though with the punky ‘I Just Love You More’ hinting at a possible new direction (she has been playing bass in punk band The Receders).  More surprising still is ‘Mansion Song’, which begins with a venomous, foul-mouthed rant about groupies and then segues into a bouncy number that recalls early Bananarama.

There’s a melancholic end to the album with ‘You Were So Far Away’ and the wonderful ‘I Hate Seagulls’ that rounds things off nicely.   Overall then it’s a very decent second album from a young singer-songwriter who’s still finding her feet but who clearly knows her own mind.

- Jim O'Connor