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New Inheritors
Wintersleep New Inheritors
Released 17 May 2010
Producer Tony Doogan
Label 147 Records
Length 53:31
Genre Indie rock
Website www.wintersleep.com

It seems you can’t go too far wrong by using Joy Division as a template for your band's sound, some very fine bands on both sides of the Atlantic have made a career of it, Interpol and Editors being the most outstanding examples. Add Nova Scotia based Wintersleep to this list and it's clear that the influence of the original post punk outfit is as pervasive as ever. It’s all here from the austere and polished guitar driven sound to the pent up angst in the lead singer Paul Murphy's vocals.

But there is much to recommend New Inheritors on it's own merit, take the majestic album-opener 'Experience the Jewel' which shows their flare for incorporating a string section into song in a way that sounds organic and whole rather than just tacked-on for vanity's sake. Bass-lines aren't as all-hallowed with Wintersleep as they are with some other post punk bands either, opting instead for propulsive guitar rhythms like on the excellent 'Black Camera' and 'Mausoleum', or noodly riffs as apparent on 'Echolocation'. The title track 'New Inheritors' shows off a more gothic side to the band, and slightly more mellow too, the acoustic guitar thrum serving as a nice counterpoint to the abrasive and clashy sound that marks the album over all.

It's impossible not find comparison in Paul Murphy's vocal style with that of Interpol lead singer Paul Banks, the nasal drone is uncannily similar at times especially on 'Terrible Man', but it somehow doesn't detract from the quality of this record, there's hardly a low ebb throughout the twelve tracks on offer here which should serve them well in bringing their music to a much deserved wider audience.

- David Uwakwe