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Zomby Nothing
Released 2 December 2011
Producer Zomby
Label 4AD
Length 22:44
Genre Dubstep, jungle
Website www.adevillayhere.com

The dust has barely settled following the release of Dedication but while many may have expected Zomby to disappear for a while he has other things on his mind and has resurfaced briefly with Nothing; a seven track, odds and ends album from the Dedication sessions.

I’ve never been a huge fan of b-sides and outtakes albums; if the music is good enough it’ll find its way onto the album. You might uncover the odd gem in these collections but it’s mostly rubble to sift through in a money making exercise. Nothing does buck the trend here with a collection of songs that perhaps didn’t quite fit the flow of Dedication rather than not being up to scratch. Noticeably there is a bigger Jungle influence on this album with the Amen break dusted down for the full-on, infectuous energy of 'Sens' and 'Ecstasy Versions' while 'Labyrinth' delivers a laid back Jungle experience. Zomby has a penchant for dipping in and out of styles but you wouldn’t bet against a more Jungle orientated project being next on his agenda.

On the familiar dubstep side of things, Zomby is still delivering exactly what you’d expect of him. 'Equinox' is an instant classic with its rhythmic shifts, its three competing synth lines and its abrupt ending. 'Digital Fractal' is a low key affair with a nice interplay between the synth lines and an understated bass line while 'Trapdoor' and 'It Was All a Dream' recall the more atmospheric moments of Dedication with agitated rhythms and ominous synths, this is dubstep as it should be.

Nothing never really rises above its station as a companion album to Dedication and being only seven tracks long running just shy of twenty three minutes it doesn’t exactly represent value for money, especially when you consider that most of these tracks were included as bonus material on the Japanese release of Dedication; despite his unpredictability and desire to remain anonymous it would appear that Zomby is still happy to cash in on his rising star. That being said, Zomby’s cast offs are still a lot better than most artists can manage on their best day and represent a timely antidote to the bastardising of dubstep at the hands of Skrillex et al.

- Brian Kinsella