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Smoking in Heaven
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Smoking in Heaven
Released 27 May 2011
Producer Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Label Sunday Best Recordings
Length 60:18
Genre Roots rock
Website www.kittydaisyandlewis.com

Personally, I think there's something utterly delightful about the Durham family music project, whether it's the musical accomplishment of the multi-instrumentalist trio, their astounding youth (siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis were just fifteen, twenty and seventeen when releasing their first album in 2008) or their commitment to authenticity (with clear care spent paying credence to a large array of musical genres and old style recording practices). It probably doesn't matter which, really, I'm still enamoured.

Mixing ska, swing, blues, rockabilly and a host of musical subcultures so niche that I have little to no clue about them, the ‘50s indebted band without a doubt adore what they're doing and have created a dreamy, sometimes punchy album that anyone could easily spend a summer afternoon falling in love with.

Well, that's the coin flip decision I made, at least, but there's definitely another opinion to be had on Smoking in Heaven. So I stopped to really interrogate myself and while there's something definitely fun about these London teens take on swing I began to wonder if after an initial fascination I'd leave them to languish and grow dusty on the shelf. Maybe there isn't enough innovation in an album with all of its sights set on pastiche? Or maybe the charming, peculiarity would quickly wear thin? And, honestly, perhaps it all would but I'm still evidently enthused about Kitty, Daisy and Lewis's second offering right now. And tracks like 'Will I ever?', 'Don't Make a Fool Out of Me' and 'You'll Be Sorry' are stand out. So maybe I should just enjoy them, while my interest lasts?

- Cormac O’Brien