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Some Nights
Fun. Some Nights
Released 18 May 2012
Producer(s) Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker
Label Fueled By Ramen
Length 46:01
Genre Indie pop
Website www.ournameisfun.com

Welcome to Some Nights, the second album by New York’s latest indie poppers Fun. These guys released their debut album Aim and Ignite back in 2009. The album was produced by Jeff Bhasker who has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Alicia Keys in the past.

Fun are fronted by the enigmatic frontman Nate Ruess with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff completing the line-up. The guys seem to be trying too hard at times. Trying to be this flamboyant, Queen-like sounding band. Opening track is the short 'Some Night Intro' which is this quiet, slow building track with massive shouty vocals at the end announcing Some Nights. This is ok as it is an introduction track to the album. Then the actual track itself 'Some Nights' arrives which is surprisingly quite good.

The album also contains the massive hit single 'We Are Young' which features Janelle Monae on backing vocals. It went to No. 1 on the recent Billboard 100 in the US. Seemingly this is the first indie/alternative track to do this since Coldplay’s 'Viva la Vida'. Everyone has probably heard this track by now. It’s getting plenty of airplay at the moment. It has this incredible, catchy chorus line, "tonight, we are young, so let’s set this world on fire", that just gets into your head and you find yourself singing it away all day.

So at this point you think that maybe these guys have something going. You can really hear the potential in the band. But, unfortunately the songs start to get very ropey from track four. The rest of the album is pretty much forgettable, you could probably press stop after track three and not have to worry about missing anything. 'It Gets Better' is unbelievably bad. Its repetition of, "It gets better", is just mind numbingly annoying. Surely they had better tracks in their armour than this to include on the album, some half decent B-side maybe. A few too many tracks are just like this - too annoying, 'All Alright' tries its hardest but again is too repetitive, 'One Foot' sounds almost like Eminem in places. 'Stars' is pretty decent but the echoed vocal effects in the second half of the track sounds like the band are trying too hard.

I just hope that they don’t become another one hit wonder band because unfortunately for Fun this album will only be remembered for one track – 'We Are Young'.

- Leon Byrne