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Stuck In This Ocean
Airship Stuck In This Ocean
Released 2 September 2011
Producer Dan Austin
Label Play It Again Sam
Length 52:12
Genre Indie, alternative
Website airshipband.tumblr.com

Airship is a heavier-than-indie band from Manchester that has achieved some success in mainland Europe and is about to embark on a UK tour (unfortunately no Irish dates just yet). They are definitely indie but in many songs have heavier parts more akin to alternative. Think Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlanticism rather than Narrow Stairs or Codes and Keys) mixed with Arcade Fire.

Stuck In This Ocean is Airship’s debut album, and it certainly is impressive for what it is. Something noticeable about the album is that everything works together. There doesn’t seem to be much out of place. The drums mesh well with the bass and the guitar doesn’t drown out the faraway vocals; which seem similar to that of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, although obviously not nearly as saturated as the eleven-person band.

The only standout instrument on this album is the guitar, it is prominent. It’s not in-your-face prominent but can be heard at almost all times. That isn’t to take away from any other instruments; the bass and drums have their moments too. There is more than the traditional rock quartet of instruments used also, from the covert synthesizer to the organ and piano.

One thing that Airship does very well is turning a slow song into an upbeat song that will clearly start some excitement at concerts. The band is also very good at creating atmosphere in the opening twenty seconds of each song.

For guitar-centric indie fans this will probably be right up your alley, if you’re used to the more instrument-versatile bands like Arcade Fire or Sufjan Stevens then this may not perfectly align with your musical taste but worth a listen nonetheless. The album is very good for a debut album with only a few of the songs outstaying their welcome. They will certainly be a band to watch in the future.

- Mark Barrett