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Delorean Subiza
Released 19 April 2010
Producer Delorean
Label Mushroom Pillow
Length 42:30
Genre Alternative dance
Website www.myspace.com/delorean

The summer months are upon us and we’ll all be looking for our own solar soundtracks and with this release Delorean are one of the main contenders. From start to finish this Spanish foursome have crafted a delightfully infectious and altogether uplifting record. Over the past few years this Basque based indie band have evolved into a new-indie, electro inspired trance quartet.

From the opener 'Stay Close' the tone is immediately palatable and lead singer Ekhi Lopetegi’s vocals float beautifully above the dreamlike tonal landscape. 'Real Love' is a much more anthemic affair and with its piano breaks and epic chorus it feels as if we've just entered our own private rave.  This formula works its way through every track, huge euphoric choruses and understated vocals. It does become slightly repetitive but its a breath of fresh air to hear Balearic beat underpinning an indie group.

The production brings memories of mid to early nineties bands such as Primal Scream to mind. It is a big reverb strewn landscape that shimmers boldly. They wear their inspirations on their sleeve but manage to amalgamate them in a very unique way and this should be applauded. They emerge from a new generation of musicians who seem to be drawing ideas from the nineties but packaging them in new and never before heard combinations.

With the momentum of techno and euphoria of house Subiza is a great addition to any music lovers library and is an extremely fun and inviting listening experience. An ideal album for driving, dancing, partying or just bouncing along to as you  potter from place to place.

- Gary McDonough