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Caribou Swim
Released 19 April 2010
Producer Dan Snaith
Label City Slang
Length 43:11
Genre Electronic
Website www.caribou.fm/

Canadian Daniel Snaith, the man behind Caribou, is on top form with his latest release Swim. Caribou, previously known as Manitoba, are renowned for their human electronica and Swim is another great addition to an already impressive body of work. From the opening track, ‘Odessa’, it's obvious we're in for an aural extravaganza. The sound is both fresh and nostalgic, drawing memories of early electronica and UK techno. Lyrically 'Odessa' deals with a bitter break up, a woman sick of her current situation. Snaith's vocals are tender and understated yet the music is powerful and incredibly catchy.

‘Sun’ is a bright inventive number with shades of Boards of Canada throughout. The proceeding tracks shimmer with joyous synths and calculated beats and are injected with emotion by both Snaith's voice and beautiful shards of flute that sneak around almost every track.

There is an overwhelming vibe of summer throughout this album and tracks such as ‘Odessa’, ‘Sun’, ‘Bowls’ and ‘Leave House’ could grace any dance floor. Snaith's range of inspiration is eclectic and there are no signs of anything derivative. He musters the effect of a simple rock song rendered by layers of complex beats and deep bass lines that could quite easily lend themselves to any respectable club track. From the cluttered precision of ‘Bowls’ to the straight up addictive ‘Leave House’ this album leaves one pressing play again and again as its initial simplicity is replaced by a multitude of variations and depths upon repeated listens.

With its late spring release, Swim is a welcome breath of fresh air that ushers us into the summer months safe in the knowledge we'll have a great soundtrack to our extended days thanks to Mr. Snaith.

- Gary McDonough