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Them Crooked Vultures
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures
Released 16 November 2009
Producer Them Crooked Vultures
Label Columbia
Length 66:11
Genre Hard, alternative rock
Website themcrookedvultures.com

Super groups of the past have been a mixed bag, for every Audioslave there is a Velvet Revolver, and because of that, whispers of the formation of a ‘super-group’ are usually greeted with low expectation, an air of indifference and often the question ‘why have these guys got together?’

You’ll be glad to hear Them Crooked Vultures wasn’t born out of boredom, financial woe or envy at seeing an ex-band mate in a newly formed ‘super-group’, if anything Them Crooked Vultures existence seems mainly due to the fact that its members just love playing in different bands and making new sounds; if you were to select a dream group of musicians to make up a super-group, David Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones would be at the top of a lot of lists. You will also be glad to hear that they have produced an album of considerable quality, not a first for a super-group, but not a common feat at the same time.

It was Grohl who actually brought the group together, but his influence on the music is not as obvious as that of Homme or Jones. Homme is the dominant force on this record, but it is definitely down to John Paul Jones that this is not just another Queens of the Stone Age album, not that that would be a bad thing. One major positive thing about this ensemble is that it is not a case of too many cooks spoiling the sound. Each member of the group excels at making Them Crooked Vultures sound like an original act and never get flat tyred with each contributor trying to outdo the other with a ridiculous solo on their instrument of choice. A good example of this would be a track like ‘Elephants’ at near 7 minutes in length, solos galore and sounds amazing. And highs like that are evident throughout the 66 minutes of the self-titled album.

Anyone who has had the slightest interest in rock’s various shapes and forms over the past few decades will find it hard not to give this album a little attention, seeing as its creators have been at the forefront of everything rock in that time frame.

- David Prendergast