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Travellers in Space and Time
The Apples in Stereo Travellers in Space and Time
Released 20 April 2010
Producer Robert Schneider
Label Simian Records
Length 51:32
Genre Indie pop
Website www.applesinstereo.com/

In a career spanning just over a decade The Apples in Stereo have made a name for themselves producing well crafted pop-rock that is pleasing on the ears and easy on the mind. With their latest release they continue in the same vein as their previous album New Magnetic Wonder. Travellers in Space and Time sees Robert Schneider, the only original member remaining, take The Apples on a tour through 70's disco, via Beach Boys surfer rock and finally to Beatles boulevard.

Opening with 'The Code', an instruction to musicians on rhythm, followed by 'Dream About The Future' the sound is clean, precise and heavily disco orientated. One of the highlights is the incredibly catchy 'Hey Elevator' which utilises gigantic hooks with a head nodding beat. 'C.P.U.' stands out from the crowd as does 'Dance Floor' with their psychedelic undertones gently edging us towards harmonised heaven as the vocal performances are genuinely outstanding.

The sound is a bit too heavily derivative and this does become tiresome. Listening to Travellers in Space and Time is a bit of a ‘Where's Wally’ of musical references. There is a definite Beach Boys complex running through the entire record and signs of ELO pop up at regular intervals. The most obvious being the vocodered vocals that that feature prominently as backing vocals. They also come across as a user friendly Flaming Lips and generally ask very little of the listener.

Aside from these obvious criticisms Travellers in Space and Time is an enjoyable record with several memorable songs. The production is spacious and sometimes quite innovative; Schneider has after all been honing his skills for many years. The songwriting is economical and fluid leaving one in no doubt that The Apples will be around for years to come.

- Gary McDonough