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Wild Flag
Wild Flag Wild Flag
Released 7 October 2011
Producer(s) Wild Flag
Label Wichita Recordings
Length 40:04
Genre Post-punk
Website facebook.com/WILDFLAG

"I’m a racehorse, you put your money on me", snarls Carrie Brownstein, formally of Sleater-Kinney fame. Sure, you can’t teach an old pony new tricks, but the untameable songstress and her team of ex-riot grrls have returned to show Karen O et al how to yelp out one liners. In a sea of po-faced posers and overly thought try-hards, these ladies are flying the flag for back to basics rock. It’s simple, but it works.

'Romance' starts the ball rolling. It’s punchy and palatable, and when the girls all join together in the chorus, you want to be part of their gang.

Despite the average age of the band veering close to forty, they sure can muster up enough teen spirit to pack tracks full of angst. "I’m not that old", muses Brownstein in 'Something Came Over Me'. The frantic guitars sizzle with discontent.

With Brownstein and ex-Helium front woman Mary Timony trading vocal duties, Wild Flag bounce between the tough Raw Power -rock of tracks like 'Boom', to the beautiful and vacillating vulnerability of 'Electric Band'. It’s a yin yang which allows W.F. to breathe rather than burn up in riotous rage.

The girls share a hefty collection of classic vinyls between them it seems. 'Glass Tambourine' teases with a rollicking Stones lick before melting into a softer, melancholia, rolling back into a feedback infused outro. 'Endless Talk', is a nod to sixties girl bands and a wink to The Cars. The organ is lush, leather-jacketed garage rock.

Nope, Wild Flag are not doing anything new, but they are doing what they are good at. They damn well know it too, and there is no compromise here, just raw confidence.

"Are you my friend?", is the echoing question in closer 'Black Tiles'. The answer has to be a yes please! Wild Flag have taken back the playground and are now the coolest kids in school.

- Deirdre Flannery