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Coldplay X&Y
Released 6 June 2005

Coldplay, Ken Nelson, Danton Supple
Label Parlophone
Length 62:35
Genre Alternative, rock
Website coldplay.com

Released back in June 2005 Coldplay’s X&Y was the bands third release. It is now almost like their forgotten album, the one with the funny cover art. This is often only remembered for that rather excellent but a little weepy 'Fix You'. But ask most music fan what album 'Fix You' is on and they’ll more than likely reply with an, “Emmm.......” whilst looking a little perplexed.

But this album is a real treat and with 'Square One' it features my most favourite Coldplay track. Usually the band are not liked too much because of the "nice guys of rock" tag but this tune is a real stomper and a cracking way to open the album. 'Fix You' is not the only weepy number on show though. Tracks like 'What If' and 'Swallowed in the Sea' are others that the romantics will love.

There is a good selection of lost singles here too with the thumping bass drum of lead single 'Speed of Sound', 'The Hardest Part' and the incredibly underrated 'Talk' with its swirling guitar and rather light-hearted robot music video.

The title track is another excellent tune that slowly builds to an “all hands to the pumps” crescendo. 'A Message' starts off with some acoustic guitar which continues throughout the verses with a blast of feedback cutting into the chorus.

All in all X&Y is a pretty decent release. Maybe not as good as their debut Parachutes or follow up A Rush of Blood to the Head but it’s definitely head and shoulders above Mylo Xyloto.

- Leon Byrne