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Here at Highbrowse.ie we strongly value the reviewer's genuine opinion and feel that this is the most important aspect of our website. In this section we provide readers with a short profile of our reviewers so that if they feel they have shared interests or tastes with a reviewer they might be inclined to trust his or her opinion and conversely if they have clearly very different tastes they could find a negative review from a particular reviewer almost amounts to a recommendation. With this in mind by clicking on a reviewer's name you will find a brief description of our reviewer's background and areas of interest, in particular examples of plays, albums or films that they hold close to their hearts.

We've had a few queries about our rating system so this is it explained.

A reviewer is free to give a film, album or play any mark from 0 to 100. 0 meaning it’s the worst they have ever encountered and 100 meaning it’s the best they are ever likely to come across.

So the marking system on highbrowse.ie is as follows;

(100 - 85)   5 star
(85 - 70)     4 star
(70 - 55)     3 star
(55 - 40)     2 star
(40 - 25)     1 star
(25 - 0)       0 star

The reason we went for numbering our reviews instead of starring them was so that the audience could differentiate between two '4 star' albums or two '5 star' albums. Often you might deem two albums to be '4 star' albums but probably like one considerably more than the other. We use the number method to clearly show this to our audience.

Cynthia Bifolchi
Eadaoin Browne
David Caulfield
Ciarán Dunphy
Rory Gannon
Lyndsay Martin
Louisa McElwee
Pat McIntyre
Brian Moran
Eoin Murphy
Cormac O'Brien
Linda O'Brien
Jim O' Connor
Bernard O'Rourke
Aileen Power
Cathal Prendergast
David Prendergast
Hanfred Rauch
Mark Barrett
Eadaoin Browne
Ray Burke
Leon Byrne
Stephen Byrne
Danny Carroll
Mark Collins
D. Egan
Deirdre Flannery
Tim Gannon
Conor Hynds
Brian Kinsella
Gary McDonough
Paul McGranaghan
Eoin Murphy
Cormac O'Brien
Jim O'Connor
Ken O'Meara
Bernard O'Rourke
Cathal Prendergast
David Prendergast
David Uwakwe